The new autumn collection of uniforms is characterized by the featured "COMFORT" motto! Stretch materials and really comfortable cuts can be found there. Everything is a reflection of current fashion trends, where stretch materials dominate every style and every fashion direction. Men's jackets and men's suits are now elastic. These resisted knitwear and suit materials for the longest time. Women's jackets, vests and skirts are often without solid lining. Waistbands on skirts and trousers are cut in a way to be soft and flexible.

Looser cuts ensure and also guarantee maximum wearing comfort during more demanding activities. Man - made fibers used in the most diverse compositions are constantly innovated in a way to achieve the same enjoyable wearing effect that natural materials bring. However, with the retention of synthetic material advantages mainly in their durability and easy maintenance.

Last week at the TexWorld Paris Fair these new materials, in a vast variety of colors, designs and finishes filled exhibition stands. There were many more colors and patterns to be seen than in previous years. But the color variations will reflect into new uniforms in the followith seasons. This year and in the next the uniforms will be still worn on a more conservative wave.